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Cichna-Markl, M., Jenik, A., Spitzwieser, M., Zappe, K., Werner, B., Entfellner, E., Pulverer, W., Hacker, S., Pfeiler, G., Uhlik, L., & Heffeter, P. (2018). DNA methylation status of CDKN2A promoter and exon 2 in breast cancer tissues and cell lines. Poster session presented at 3rd Danube Conference on Epigenetics (FEBS 2018), Budapest, Hungary.

Spitzwieser, M., Jenik, A., Zappe, K., Entfellner, E., Werner, B., Pulverer, W., Uhlik, L., Heffeter, P., Hacker, S., Pfeiler, G., & Cichna-Markl, M. (2018). Hypermethylation of CDKN2A exon 2 in breast cancer. Poster session presented at 10th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting, Wien, Austria.

Pulverer, W., Niedermayer, S., & Cichna-Markl, M. (2009). Development of a duplex PCR method to detect potentially allergenic lupine and peanut in food.. Poster session presented at 13. Österreichische Chemietage (GÖCH 2009), Wien, Austria.

Applicability of a sandwich ELISA, two competitive ELISAs and a real-time PCR method for the detection of lupine in food.

Walter Pulverer (Contributor)
4 Jul 2012

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